You can use Equipped Sport Gym Facilities for free up to 8 times per month!

This is the limited service for customers who are staying at Residence Tokyo’s properties.

You can use Tokyu Sports Oasis Facility up to 8 times per month free of charge during your moving-in period! In addition, it is possible for you to use different facility every time up to 8 times! Of course, it is OK even if you want to use the nearby facility of the property you are going to move into!

As it is a free service, some troublesome procedures such as credit card registration are unnecessary. If you fill in the application form and submit it to the facility of your choice, it will be available for you to enter from that day.

Available to use 19 Sport Gym facilities all around Tokyo Metropolitan Area

Here is the whole process to use Oasis

SIMPLE 6 steps

1.Confirm the using policy of

    the facility

2.Fill in the Agreement

3.We will issue the Application Form

4.Submit the Application Form to Oasis facility

5.Proceed with the procedures at the Facility

6.Issue the Membership Card! Registration Finished!

List of Oasis Sport Gym Facility

Click the below map, you can access Oasis Sport Gym Facility List Page


※RAFEEL Ebisu, Narashino 24Plus, Sagamihara 24Plus, Matsudo, Kami-Ooka

You cannot use the above 5 facilities with this service.

Inquiry about sport gym facility using

Please contact us if you have any questions or unclear points about applying or using.